Featured Generations

"Create a lighting system where lighting is added to certain parts after clicking on a button which can also be toggled on or off"


"create a level system with xp and data store and that can change players health and weapon damage"


"Create a system that makes the character able to move their head based on the direction that the camera is rotated to with a limited angle in degrees."


"how to make a flickering light when monster is nearby"


"When Harlandroblox says !game5 it will say Harland has made you walk forward for 3 seconds on all the players screens apart from Harlandroblox in the middle of there screen and it will make them walk forward for 3 seconds apart from Harlandroblox and then after all the players apart from Harlandroblox walk forward for 3 seconds the text will go off the screen make it all one code block"


"create a script inside a screen gui that blurs out the background of the ui"


"script which locks you in first person view and only allows you to see your hands"


"make part swing open like a door every 6 seconds, flinging the player off."


"script a text button that opens a frame inside screen gui"


"make a hack."


"make a script that spawns random blocks"


"Make the player be able to crawl"


"create a roblox plugin that allows players to add accessory and shirts from the roblox market to a rig by adding the accessory's ID, through a GUI"


"make the humanoid jump again after pressing spacebar twice with custom animation"


"a roblox script that once you step on a part named "PartFreeze" it freezes your client for 3 seconds and the unfreezes it"


"make a script that gives you 10 "BabaCoins" Every 30 seconds you play the game"


"Make a script that changes the walk buttons. W must be D, S must be A. Change it also on the arrow keys. Show me how and where to insert this script."


"create a sword tool that copys a slash from ReplicatedStorage and then fires it where the player is facing that moves deals damage and works on mouse click deletes after 1 second"


"a lazer eye tool where if I hold down my mouse for 2 seconds i shoot 2 deadly beams out of my eyes with good vfx, it doesnt work"


"code a chatbot GUI that I can ask questions about roblox studio to, and add comments explaining how I can add my own question prompts, and explain what things I need to add into screenGUI to make it work, its not working"


"give me the entire script to copy and paste"


"Create a script for the R15 rig where the player ragdolls upon on death while keeping the original character"


"make a script inside a tool called Basic Sword that plays a sound located inside the tool whenever a NPC with a humanoid called Enemy is damaged but only players close enough can hear it"


"hello world"


"create a block that works as a trampoline"


"write a script where clicking a specific key bind makes gravity switch and tell me where the script goes"


"add the hit and stay functions in this script"


"create a car with max speed 20, add a function to move the car with w,s,a,d"


"main menu gui with play and join friend button"


"fly script"


"Make a leaderstats script with Coins and Level."


"hello world"


"Create a script inside a npc model that makes the npc play a idle animation and give instruction on how to set it up"


"Create a script for a 2D camera that is fixed parallel to the player on the x axis and disables the ability to zoom in or out"


"punch system that does 10 damage, uses 2 animations, it can give 4 punches, 2 seconds cooldown, uses arm hitbox, only can punch if punch animation is false, if you give less than 4 punches and 2 second passes the punch counter resets, uses left click"


"chess board with working pawns that move to their responsive position upon being clicked, make it so that I can place the script straight into starterGui and that the pawns tween to their position, make it so that everything is GUI based"


"create a script inside a tool that will make it stackable in player backpack"


"create a level system with xp with data store that changes players health and players weapon damage will increase as player levels up"


"make me a group rank overhead nametag with different colors each rank"


"fix this to still drag when mouse is not on the frame it still drags while holding m1"


"award a badge if the player is in the same server as the game's creator"


"there is a button at the top of the screen when you click it you grow by 1"


"create so that when you trigger a proximity prompt, you get the invite friends gui from roblox on your screen"


"Make a script so when I click, every part close to my mousebutton is pushed away like a Star Wars Force Push."


"when Harlandroblox says !banish then a players username it will tp them to my Part called bozo and then they will start spawning at position 71, 5.5, -37 instead of the normal spawn point"


"when the onwer join the game you will get a badge"


"light up a part"


"make a roblox script whenever i hold down right click my camera and mouse locks on to the most close player"


"make that when a player touches a part called "Lasagna" he goes to the team "BlackAnts""


"make me a hacker gui wich lets me hack the game"


"make a script that closes all the guis"


"make a money system with data store"


"make a play and quit button"


"Make a menu with three buttons one button the bends the track down another button that bends the track up and another button that bends the track left and another button that bends the track right"


"make a roblox script whenever i hold down right click my mouse locks on to the most close player and it will follow them with the mouse so it aims at them"


"saying quit kicks the player"


"Generate a Roblox Lua script for a game where players collect items that spawn randomly around the map. Each player has an inventory to store their items. When a player collects an item, it should disappear from the map and appear in their inventory."


"create a text button that lets you choose a team"


"script to make all parts tagged with "Kill" to kill the player. add in-depth detailed comments."


"Make a script that will spawn a humanoid and attach it to the player via a rope and tell me where to place it"


"make a script if a player clicks a ui button then a gamepass prompt will open, if the player purchases the product then all players will fling far"


"make a working weapon for a player with instructions on where to put the code"


"make a creepy hint script that activates as soon as the button is clicked by checking the clickdetector is detected if it is then set a 2 min timer that you can see in the hint also set the fog to a creepy style also make sure it works inside the clickdetector"


"make an script that turns SunRays off when pressing the textbutton and it makes the textbutton's text from On to Off and if SunRays is off when pressing it will turn it back on"


"When a player has a tool named "Football" in their inventory, the game will remove any tool named "Tackle" from the players inventory."


"When the game detects a player without a tool named "Football", it will give them a different specific tool of my choice from server storage."


"Create a script where 4 sounds smoothly a slowly Crossfade via Velocity."


"make an event that gives all players a hat . add detailed comments and instructions"


"Create a realistic camera system that simulates real human behavior based on the movement of the character."


"Create a script where 4 sounds Crossfade via Velocity. Sound1: 5 - 10 MPH Sound2: 10 - 15 MPH Sound3: 15 - 20 MPH Sound4: 20 - 200 MPH"


"create a function that loops through the players and returns the closest player"


"how would a viva pinata game on roblox work"


"Make me the script where I can pass the football ball perfectly to my teammates and the opposing team can't get them."


"volume up and down"


"make that my arms doesn't make damage until the animation plays"


"Create a script so when I hover over a part is becomes blue and if I don't hover over that part anymore it becomes white. Use game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse()"


"Make a roblox script for a leaderestats calle Robux when a player kills somone the gets 1 leaderstat if the die they get -1 leader stat"


"if you die you get kicked when you get kicked it can say your bad or L or bozo or get better or LOSER"


"ball that can move and be controlled with W A S D"


"Make me a script where the camera angle locks the players body and movement. The keybind is z"


"create a jump script for a npc"


"Create a stunning admin menu complete with a list of players and buttons for banning kicking and warning each player"


"make a gui that shares your own screen"


"Make a VR script that utilizes the movement mechanics used in gorilla tag where you use your VR controllers to move around the map by hitting off objects. Ensure it runs when the parent (proximity prompt) is activated."


"create a script where there is a tool called wallet and when you click on your screen it will open a gui and you can type a username and then enter the amount of Money you want to give to them"


"Write me a script that extinguishes the player that is on fire after touching a part"


"disable default backpack"


"Use the VectorForce constraint for maintaining velocity"


"create a lootbox system with tables"


"print hello world"


"when i click R the block spawer will actvate"


"can you make a server script that will regenerate the player health little by little if they stay ontop of a part can add a check inside the while loop to check if the player is still touching brick"


"saying Kick me Automatically kicks the player"


"make a randomroll system using hints that display all the stuff that happens in the script. 4 events, 1, part color change, 2, random part sparkles and random colored sparkles, 3, random player damage 2 to 10, 4, random player heal 2 to 10, make sure to use a hint display system and make loop foreve"


"Create a script inside a screen gui and make the frame only show for a certain team"


"make a fe script that when you press the button from the bottom of the screen an NPC will spawn in front of you"


"if activated all true if activated again all false"


"ball that can move and be controlled"


"create a script inside a NPC that gives a slime popping particle when NPC is dead"


"make a text label script that shows how many blocks are in the map"


"make a control panel that can edit the fog and make the panel rainbow"


"fix this script -- Get the relevant services local Players = game:GetService("Players") local BanService = game:GetService("BanService") -- Get the ban and kick buttons local banButton = script.Parent.BanButton local kickButton = script.Parent.KickB"