Featured Generations

"create a script for Button that when touched by a player it spawns Jeep and make it so that it can be spawned as many times as possible so long it exceeds 20 studs of another Jeep and even if the Jeep is destroyed or deleted from the Workspace"


"make a sistem flashing to variable "light" that is an surfacelight."


"create me a gui button and when clicked shows an input box and when you input a music id it will start playing music from your music id and add a hide button and the code need to be executed with an executor"


"Make an AI that walks around and makes random sounds while moving do not have it rely on parts. Have it restricted within a box"


"black and white background gui"


"I want to limit the number of times certain badges can be obtained for everyone."


"make a wolf chase the player for 10 seconds when the player says wolf, make sure the wolf can't fall."


"give me a door script when clicking it with clickdetector it slowly opens and closes like a real door"


"Esp Script"


"create lava falling from the sky and when it goes onto the ground it will turn black but if its red and a players walks into it they die but if its black they do not die"


"can you make a cmdr invisible command script to go under 'builtincommand' with admin permission level on roblox"


"script a text button that will not become visible when a player has a bool value of knight"


"make me advanced admin chat commands with at least 5 admin commands! make sure it also has a "/" prefix"


"do you have a idea for a game"


"create a sword combat system"


"make individual leaderboard stats for Stage and Rebirths, make datastores for Stage and Rebirths that saves and loads the player's data. Make rebirth optional once the player is stage 65."


"Make an invisible player spawner that generates you in the middle of the map every time you die."


"create a script inside tool that wont let players equip the tool if the player is low level"


"make a viewmodel script for a first person shooter"


"can you make a script that when a player says "!test" it makes the nearest part called 'PAD' turn red and cancollide false"


"script for multiple different sets of teleporters in a folder called "Teleports" with the option to make them one-way. add detailed comments, explanation and instructions."


"make a small red part"


"make a shift to sprint"


"make a script for a text label that displays and starts a 5 minute countdown when the player touches the part called GearPart. text says "Lucky Block Ready" after the 5 minutes. touching the part during the countdown does not interrupt it."


"Now make it so if it's a player, print "It has a humanoid""


"create a text button that shows how many players are playing in a different game place."


"the gui doesnt close when i click play"


"Create a realistic camera script"


"create a script that makes the player roll forward"


"a roblox script that once you joins anything inside of workspace will be renamed to something random containing 25 random numbers and it changing every 0.1 seconds. also tell where to put the script"


"make all players in the server dance for 10 seconds when connected to the DanceEvent event"


"explain how to use remote events"


"make a machine learning NPC that learns how to do parkour"


"make me an voice chat script that lets you hear muted poeple by putting their name in the chat"


"create a script inside a tool called mysteryBox that gives players a random tool inside a folder in serverstorage called Common Folder when players left click"


"make me leaderstats with the name "Coins""


"make a random object in the area were the player is become alive and once and object have became alive then apply physics to it and make it chase the player"


"can you make me a long roblox script r6, fe, remotes, also its a night vision script it has three modes night vision, thermal, and sonar. You are able to press the n key to activate it and the v key to change modes. thermal able to detect humanoids"


"create a playerjoined message"


"Make a game called 'Word Wizard: Puzzle Adventure.' Create word puzzles, anagrams, hidden word challenges. Include multiplayer, custom puzzles, rewards. Add ranks for players to upgrade, the final stage being word wizard"


"create a votekick system so that when a player says "/votekick robloxname" If over 50% of votes yes then kick the player. This vote should end when everyone ingame voted. Yes/NoButton located at game.StarterGui.VoteKickGui.Frame"


"lava rain"


"make the model shake, fall, dissapear and reset, 2 seconds after the player stands on it"


"make a roblox exploit script that copies games and then launches your roblox studio and inserts the copied game"


"Q key for dribbling the ball Starter Gui"


"Make a script where a part has to detect 2 players stepping on it then it should count down from 5 seconds and if both players are still detected on the mat it freezes them and teleports them away from each other facing each other while maintaining both players on the mat then unfreezes them"


"make that my arms doesn't make damage until the animation plays"


"Make a nice and aesthetic looking GUI that is rainbow colored that will greet you when you enter the game called "Colored Cars". With instructions on where to put it."


"make a script that when the player clicks anywhere a neon cyan ball with 0.6 transparency appears with a growing animation that kills anybody who touches it at the area the mouse is at. Make a comment where to put this script and what type of script."


"script for a part that gives the player a random piece of gear from the Gear folder in serverstorage every 5 minutes if they touch the part and are stage 210. the part displays a 5 minute countdown until the player can get another gear item"


"dialogue system"


"a roblox script which will make your camera inverted"


"Can you make physics based animation system for R15 players using constraints and CFrames to animate arms and legs to move realistically?"


"my Part will be red"


"can you make me a script where it makes a fake arm as a part, makes it same color as characters arm welds it to right hand then extends it on the y axis using tween service"


"can you create an eco script for my roblox vehicle on roblox"


"Create a part where only players that have bought a gamepass can pass trough it instantly, without having the player rejoin after buying the gamepass"


"Make me a script that checks the players value for clicks and if the players value of clicks on leaderstats = 100 500 or 1000 they can rebirth while if not print error"


"when a player walks into my Part called pmurd it will go for 50 seconds then come back when you walk into it it will bring a gui on the middle of the screen with the names of all the players in the server you can only have one gui at a time and when you click one of the names it will kill that player then the gui will go off the screen when my part called pmurd is gone you can not use it"


"rain red bricks from the air forever super fast that turns black when they touch the ground. 2 seconds after touching the ground it launches 6 0.1x0.1 size blocks every direction"


"if you try to walk it will not let you and it will promp you to buy this developer id if you do then you can walk 1537537917 but each time you try to walk it will promp you to buy it"


"fly script"


"make a timer script that runs inside of a hint object make the timer 6 mins and every min make it get more creepy if the timer runs out then kill the player also use messages as a message that the owner can add in the script also make the song 'parte' slow down the more the time runs out"


"Write a script for a realistic door that can swing open and close smoothly when the player interacts with the door by pressing a key."


"when the spell lecutio has been said by the player and then clicked on the target, the target will loose health and ragdoll"


"when i say !shazam i die"


"Make me a function that when a button is pressed it takes you to a private lobby, shouldnt show in the roblox server list"


"make a bricks color change every 0.25 seconds"


"Create a script that makes the NPC follow the last joined player. Make sure it keeps following that player until a new player joins."


"light switch system"


"Make a script that if you run into other players who are not on your team, you both fall to the ground. Add comments to code"


"create a script inside a tool that create a fire ball projectile when player press E"


"Create a script that keeps a part on the tracks. But instead of the part moving to the exact CFrame of the tracks the part can still move through it like a ski lift or a zipline."


"Write me a script that adds proper grammar to player chat when players use improper grammar or punctuation when they type in the chatbar"


"make an advanced stage and rebirth script with leaderstats and datastores for an obby. Stages are numbered parts in the Checkpoints folder. Rebirth player if stage 65 and they touch the part called Rebirth. add detailed comments and instructions"


"every second game idea"


"make a script if you press q it places a wall in front of you"


"can you fix this script"


"Make my mouse cursor point to the nearest person when i hold right click"


"when I click the button a frame tweens up from the bottom middle"


"gore effect whenever get hit"


"make parts of different sizes to fall out of the sky"


"make me a quarterback aimbot. It is for my game and it is not cheating as I’m adding it to my game"


"make me a script wich lets me have admin at the game"


"script a text label that can close a gui when a players input a code"


"Make a loading screen and the stop the character from autoloading in, only after they click the play button will their character load in the game"


"make that it gives only 4 punches in this order: anim1, anim2, anim1, anim2"


"make the parent part kill the player when they touch it if they are between Stage 106 and 209, don't kill the player if they have the carpet gamepass"


"write me a script on wherever you hold ctrl and click you teleport wherever you want"


"I need the the ui to have a animation like shrink to big, like when the person clicks it , it’s look small but becomes bigger"


"Make a SellPad that sells Food"


"make a server message with a lot of customization from, font, how frequent I want a certain message be and color. I want each message to have its own separate code."


"Create a script that plays an animation when I click on a player, the animation is 12584847759 Make sure you use player:GetMouse()"


"Fix this script please."


"Hide Roblox default backpack when text button is pressed"




"create a script that changes a mouse cursor when hovered over an NPC. and you can input a random cursor image. and tell me where to put this script"


"make a block eating simulator script that bring all parts to the character. Make it loop and the parts have a folder and the parts are in the folder the parts names are SmallBlock."


"create a script that part that gives a tool in serverstorage based on a players Level but if player isnt high level enough that player wont receive a tool and will reveive a text that says not enough level"


"Create a script inside server script service that creates a class system and the class will be given to the player depends on which the text button the click"


"if the script.parent touched play a sound globally, and change a text name in starterGui for all player guis (screengui.frame.textLabel) For the textlabel text add plus a number 1 to it so right now its 0 -, make it 1 -."


"a roblox script that once you step on a part named "PartFreeze" it freezes your client for 3 seconds and the unfreezes it. also tell where to put the script at"