Featured Generations

"make a roblox code where there is a timer at the top of the screen it will count down 30 seconds and when the time is up it will tp all players to one of my Parts Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 but only one player can be tped to each part then the countdown will go off the screen and if all players die it will restart the countdown again after waiting 3 seconds and when the countdown ends my Part called Spinner will will spin at a speed of 0.1 and then each 5 seconds the speed will increase by 0.2 speed and then when all players die it will go back to 0.1 speed and start again but use tween service and after the countdown ends last one alive gets 100 Money"


"create a jumpscare if I touch a rig and explain where to put the script"


"create a fire ball attack"


"Make a CFrame model move like a train"


"make an event that removes all players hats, gives all players in the server 2 accessories from replicatedstorage for 60 seconds, and give them their original hats back after the 60 seconds. add detailed instructions and comments."


"code a chatbot GUI that I can ask questions about roblox studio to"


"create a script where when you click my part called Door1 its Transparency will go to 0.5 and you will walk threw my part called Door1 and then if you click it again the Transparency will be 0 again and you can not walk threw it"


"can you make me a script that when you press m1 the ball goes straight then curves to the right. add comments"


"make a inventory system"


"make a npc walk"


"make a shift to sprint"


"a lottery gui with a working spin and rarity system"


"make it so that when the gui is visible = true then tween the gui fading in and when the gui is visible = false then tween the gui fading out"


"create instance.new a part script it SIMPLE."


"Make me a script where my camera locks on another players movement when pressing the keybind z. Then when the camera is locked on that player Im able to use the key binds g and f to make the camera angle go up and down. G to go down f to go up"


"your misunderstanding, i have a animation event inside Those animations and i want it to detect when the animation event is triggered"


"if one animation is playing then the other one can't paly until the first one finished"


"make me a fly script so when i press E in my keyboard i will fly , and if i press e again i will stop flying"


"make a script where there is a health bar above my model called table when you click my model called table it takes 30 damage it starts on 100 health and when it gets to 0 it will be removed"


"create a football goal script"


"create a sea with instance.new and when you say sea in chat make it so you can go through it too oh and every time you say sea again it rises."


"Create a script that won’t let players attack other players with a sword unless they are level 20 but can still use sword to damage npcs"




"make a loading screen"


"make a gui that starts when a player joins a game, with a menu with the title of the game called "AI GAME", and "start" button that removes the gui and spawns a player in. add comments giving detailed instructions how to set it up"


"Make a vehicle claiming system. Inside a car is an "Owner" value, which is empty by default. But, when the "Owner" value is empty, and a player sits in the driver seat that I select, then the "Owner" value will be changed to that players Roblox ID."


"ou você pode ter um loop que verifica a distância de cada objeto do seu personagem e se um deles estiver abaixo de um limite, eles piscarão isso pode ser mais confiável"


"add upgrade tree and that secret stats are equippable so you can get an aura to flex with. make it whit a purple aura and say to me where i ened to put it"


"npc that follows you"


"hello world"


"make a stage and rebirth script with leaderstats and datastores for an obby. Stages are numbered parts in the Checkpoints folder. Rebirth player if stage 65 and they touch the part called Rebirth. add detailed comments, explanation and instructions"


"create a gun that can shoot out hotdogs and make it simple and make the model too"


"Create a realistic camera script"


"ServerScriptService.Script:19: attempt to index nil with 'WaitForChild'"


"make an script that makes EnvironmentDiffuseScale from 1 to 0 when pressing textbutton and back to 1 when pressing again if off text is supposed to be "EnvironmentDiffuseScale: Off" if on then: "EnvironmentDiffuseScale: On""


"rain red bricks from the air forever super fast that turns black when they touch the ground. 2 seconds after touching the ground it launches 6 0.1x0.1 size blocks every direction"


"my code keeps warning me "warn("Hex color code should start with '#' and be 7 characters long.")" but im giving it a valid text code which is #b5ff47"


"script an esp hack for arsenal"


"make the parent part kill the player when they touch it if they are between Stage 106 and 209, don't kill the player if they have the carpet gamepass"


"script that sets the background color of a GUI frame when a dropdown selection is made"


"Esp script"


"make me sword fight time game, give me the scripts and instructions for it"


"Write me a script that makes the player grow in size to a certain point after touching a certain part"


"the player touched a part will die and add comment to code"


"Make a script so when I click, every part close to my mousebutton is pushed away. Don't make the range allowed between my mouse and the part too big."


"Create a script that keeps a part on the tracks. But instead of the part moving to the exact CFrame of the tracks the part can still move through it with constraints or bodymovers like a ski lift or a zipline."


"create a gui gamepass store"


"make a sea when you say sea in chat make it so you can go through it to."


"How to create a boss timer system that spawns in a boss every 30 minutes and a gui button shows up in hen boss spawns"


"a roblox clean gui with round edges and modern"


"make a script that in every mili second a small block will spawn in the front in the front of your character"


"make a block eating simulator script that bring all parts to the character. Make it loop and the parts have a folder and the parts are in the folder the parts names are SmallBlock."


"write a navigation script that completes obbies"


"create a script that save an existing bool value inside the player"


"the billboard is still stuck on 5 and doesnt count down to 0 but the wall collide works after the teleportation and the teleportation doesnt work after 5 seconds takes much longer and keeps repeating make a walk detector on the mats o it only executes the script once despite players walking on mat"


"make a script where when Harlandroblox says !open it will bring a gui on his screen with a list of all the players names in the game and if Harlandroblox clicks one of the names the player will explode"


"make sure for play it fades in and for stop it fades out and also make sure that it remembers the players choice even if they leave the server, so if a player has it stopped remember it for that player"


"create a script in a tool that turns the player into a character named one located in folder inside serverstorage when players left click while holding the tool"


"Create a system where when the player presses the E key, he creates a clone of his character, this clone will appear next to the player. Clones chase and kill players, except the owner of the action.Clones limit 3, duration of clones 15 seconds."


"elseif statement doesnt work"


"make it so that when the script.parent is touched new instance image label with the image ID and position and size"


"instance a box and every time you say box it makes the box bigger."


"make that when a player touches a part called "Lasagna" he goes to the team "BlackAnts""


"make a bomb timer for 30 seconds and tell me where to place it and how to create it"


"script a tool that makes the player shrink when player left clicks the tool"


"light up a part"


"make a mining simlulator"


"can you make a script that will kick the player who types the "!kick" command in chat"


"make a script that when the player clicks anywhere a neon cyan ball with 0.6 transparency appears with a growing animation that kills anybody who touches it at the area the mouse is at. Make a comment where to put this script and what type of script."


"script for 4 sets of teleporters in a folder called "Teleports" with the option to make them one-way. add detailed comments, explanation and instructions."


"disable roblox default backpack when a player opens a frame inside a screen gui and enables when frame is closed"


"make a roblox lua script that puts the player in 3d person view"


"make a script for me get any gear i want by just putting the id of the gear"


"an script that will optimize every mesh to performance for mobile players and will make every mesh for pc players precise"


"make a magic spell system that can bring up walls and can pick up rocks and throw them where the mouse clicks and also tween it so it looks realistic also make it so the player creates a new part which are unquie sizes for each spell"


"make a frame blur when its open after player clicks on part"


"make a script that give a player walkspeed 10 when joined"


"a lucky coin from hard core leveling warrior that gives me random buffs or debuffs depending on what i roll and it activates as a tool when i click"


"make a gui that is called project public"


"make it so that the frame smoothly fades in"


"create a local player script for existing leaderboard value that named ["Cubes Collected"] i want you to create GUI that will show same value as on leaderboard, GUI must be on the top of the screen"


"Create a script inside a npc model that makes the npc play a idle animation and give instruction on how to set it up"


"create a script inside a NPC that gives a slime popping particle when NPC is dead"


"Make a crew system, where if the player presses P it opens up a menu where they can create. When they click create they have to supply a name. Once the crew is created, whoever creates it is now the Captain/Leader. Once in a crew the menu changes to show a list of all the members in the crew."


"make me a zombie spawner, and instructions on how to implement it"


"when a player says "kill me" then the player dies."


"can you make a april fools script that something happens to the map"


"create a dash script inside playercharacter that works when players press Q and changes their speed when they are dashing."


"script for a zombie spawner"




"constantly spawn an unanchored and collision enabled part over every player's head every 3 seconds. Include comments in code"


"print hello world"


"create a script that makes the player spin at all times unless they hit the g key"


"create a pickaxe script to hack away specific dirt"


"create a votekick system so that when a player says "/votekick robloxname" If over 50% of votes yes then kick the player. This vote should end when everyone ingame voted. Yes/NoButton located at game.StarterGui.VoteKickGui.Frame"


"make a script that makes my character stuck in place when i press x and unstuck when i press x again"


"simple script that lets you see the bullet shoot when clicked and goes slow. Assuming we already have the Handle and the Gun. With instructions and dont use the tool.Activated:Connect(fireBullet) and make the bullet go wherever you are facing and use localscript"


"Noclip script"


"create a script that spawns a lot of parts"


"make a part teleport the player to a editable position for a milisecond and back but when teleported back make the position a little back so that it wont cuase you to get stuck also make the position for each a part also make it work inside the part and make it set walkspeed to 0 and make a cooldown"


"Make me a Module script for Different Spawn Points Around The Map where the Player will spawn at one of those spawn points at random every time he dies"


"can you make me a roblox script r6, fe, remotes, also its a night vision script based on splinter cell it has three modes night vision, thermal, and sonar. You are able to press the n key to activate it and the v key to change modes."